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My week with Archangel Michael

I am currently taking the course of Invoking the Angels created By Sunny Dawn Johnston. I started my journey with the Arch Angels about 2 1/2 years ago. I have always been a close friend with Jesus and God however I did not know the extent of what the Angels could do and there roles in my life could be. This is where the book Invoking the Archangels a nine step process to heal your mind, body, and soul came in. I read it and I started to follow the guidance it was teaching. I invoke the Archangel for that particular week and wear the color that particular archangel resonates with and then journal about my experiences where I believe the Angel supported me. SO, this is my Archangel Michael week, he vibrates to the color blue sapphire( my favorite color btw). So here I am wearing my color blue. I wake up every AM during this week and Pray or invite GOD and Archangel Michael into my day (we have free will so it is important to invite them in) I ask them to surround me in a brilliant blue and white light, to protect me from any negative entities and energies seen or unseen during my day, for help to maintain my own energy in encounters or when reading other stories. Even more important when you are a empath like myself. I ask for help to maintain my own energy which means to scan myself and to recognize where my energy is and to pay attention to when I am absorbing others energy. I want to be there for others in a way of observation not absorption. Do you have this experience?

I also pulled a card from Doreen Virtues AA Michael's angle card deck and that helps me set some intentions for my week.

The card I pulled is the Person you're asking about is trustworthy. This helped a lot because it reminded me that I am safe with new people I meet or allow in my Energy field. This week I have been to a essential oil class and met new people, I have been part of other classes that I spoke freely and vulnerable at. I felt safe the whole time. I felt Michael's presence with me whole time. By me trusting that I am safe to be me, that I can trust that the perfect people will be entering my life it has helped me drop my guard and trust the process of Life. I am living in place of awareness and courage. I would like to share with you all who are drawn to me and my blog that life doesn't have to be fearful, scary or draining. It can easily be about living lighter, more courageously and secure! I can help you learn to Trust in the Angels for guidance, protection, Joy, fun and attracting the life you desire. I would like to thank you for reading this Blog and it would be my pleasure to offer Love and Light to you through my weekly readings. So if guided sign up for my weekly readings on my website In the meantime I am sending you all Angel Blessings. All my love Debbie Labinski

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