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Setting boundaries is a form of Self Love

Updated: May 20, 2021

Recently it came to my attention that I needed to learn more about boundaries. By learning how to set boundaries and assert ourselves, without changing the core relationship with ourselves. It will ultimately not work in the relationships we care most about. Those relationships I find are the most challenging due to our inner child being scared to speak up and It is relatively easy to start setting boundaries in relationships that don't mean much to us. It is in the relationships that mean the most to us that it is so difficult. Did you know that our inner child wounds are the most powerful. You know the little child within us, that doesn't feel worthy, that feels like a failure and shameful, and is terrified of setting boundaries for fear everyone will leave you. The other extreme of boundaries is those of us who throw up huge walls to try to keep people from getting too close and then sabotage any relationship that starts getting too close, to try to protect the wounded child within from being hurt. I am so guilty of all of the above. I know how to attract friends however, we get too close so fast that I forget to set boundaries and the lines of understanding gets blurred sometimes. If I don't pay attention it can become like a co-dependent relationship. I then need to set new boundaries, as in every area of the healing process, change starts with awareness. I had to hear about boundaries, and start learning the concept before I could even realize that I didn't really understand that I didn't really have any. I had to start getting more of an idea of what boundaries are, and how to set them, in order to understand how hard they were for me, and how absolutely vital it is for me to learn the practice of Self Love.

I would like to talk more about Self Love. I need to leave this open to talk more to you all about forms of Self Love. I am hoping we can all learn more about this subject. I plan on sharing my journey in my next months blog. Stay tuned......

Love , Light and Joy,

Debbie Joyful Labinski

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