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Trusting the Process

What does it feel like to trust the process? Let me start with what it feels like when you don't trust the process. It feels like darkness, sadness, frustration, depression, and self sabotage. Do you feel that? I know when I am disconnected from GOD and The Angels I feel lost and questioning my purpose. I know that I am not trusting the process of life around me when these feelings arise. What if, we are manifesting the process we are not trusting. What if we are not focusing on the thoughts we want to see in reality. This happens so much easier then we think. We could be wishing for something better, or asking the angels to show us the way. However, we question the guidance we receive, we can't expect the process to work out for us when we don't listen to our guidance.

So lets shift this, how can we Trust the Process? We can use prayer, getting present, meditation, oracle cards, affirmations

and our own guidance we receive from Spirit.

Trusting the process is a Magical experience. It is literally like waving God's magic wand and opening ourselves to see the Joy, The Happiness and the way that God and the Angels always show up for us so Perfectly! I hope this blog can inspire you to love your life and keep manifesting the love and joy you are seeking! It is right there, reach out it is floating around you waiting for you to notice. Have a amazing month of September. Get present within and allow the manifesting to begin.

With Love, Light and Joy.

Debbie Labinski - The Joyful Angel Intuitive

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