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Feelings, are they valid?

Have you been having some deep feelings? Have people been dismissing your feelings for being to crazy, to much, not valid? You are not alone. Today, I was having a pity party of one and then I was able to reach out to a great friend who really listened to me. She encouraged me to go do something fun, pull a card, maybe even write a hate letter ( a letter you write that is more for you then anyone else, it actually gets burned up. It is more to release it from my energy and send it to GOD) I pulled a card and viola the the card "Eyes Wide Open #33 popped up. What a great card for these types of feelings. Let me share what is says, I feel this will help you as well. "Eyes Wide Open" Collette Baron Reid Oracle of the 7 energies deck #33 Energy 5 which is our heart energy center (Chakra)

Card Meaning: Deep Listening, a gift we give to others, understanding someone else's needs. Showing focused attention, tuning in to another and letting go of the ego's need to be heard. "The world is constantly speaking to us and offering clues about what is really going on beneath the surface of things. We all have the capacity to hear beyond the noise that reaches our ears. The challenge is when we feel misunderstood and unheard. When we feel insignificant, it's easy to over explain ourselves to get acknowledged. Raise you hand if you are this person! haha yep that is me when I am triggered.

"Now is the time to let that go! Offer your attention as the great gift that it is. Putting down the devices, slowing down to truly listen to the person's energy or words who are triggerig these hurt feelings in you is important." Whenever we are in a state of chaos and distractions, listening to only parts of what is being said, we lose the ability to pickup on the pain, anger, bitterness of the person whom is causing you the discourse. Feel your feelings, but sit back and look at the bigger picture of why this came in to your awareness. Ask yourself the questions: Have I been to busy to notice there pain? Have I been to busy to feel my own feelings and then they show up like fireworks? Where have I been not listening or nurturing my heart, my soul messages, my needs? Have I gotten enough sleep? Am I pushing myself to hard? Am I lashing out at others? So much of what we attract into our awareness is our soul getting our attention to love us more! Here are some ideas how to show yourself the extra love: -Show up for her/him more! -Take a soak in the tub, -Enjoy a quiet salt cave healing session, -Talk to a friend who will really listen to you from the heart, not more anger. -Take a walk in nature - Write a love letter to yourself and listen to your favorite music as you fill up with that.

I have to be honest with you this shifted my energy doing all the above today! I am telling you it works! So if you are feeling down, forgotten, alone. Remember to reach out to someone, the angels, GOD, me for angelic mediumship reading. What ever you feel guided to. Trust the process and trust me this too shall pass. Thank you reading this blog post. Invite you to share in the comments, how this helped you or if you need additional support that is beyond my expertise, please reach out to a Therapist. You are never alone. Your feelings are valid. Sending you so much love and light, Debbie Labinski

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