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Healing with Archangels Chamuel and Nathaniel: A Journey of Love and Transformation for the Upcoming Months

As I reflect on the energies and experiences of May, I find myself pondering its impact. How was May for you? For me, it was a period of deep introspection and seeking guidance from the angels. During my meditative moments, I felt a growing desire for healing, love, and profound transformation in my heart.

As we move forward into the upcoming months, I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. I feel like our hearts are yearning for healing, love, and deep change. Two divine guides, Archangel Chamuel, and Archangel Nathaniel, stand ready to lead us. Each brings unique energies to help us heal our lives, align with our true purposes, and radiate love and inner peace. Let's take a quick Angel glance at...

Who are Archangels Chamuel and Nathaniel?

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of love and peaceful relationships. His name means "He Who Sees God," and his primary mission is to foster love, compassion, and forgiveness. Chamuel helps us heal emotional wounds, find peace in our relationships, and connect deeply with our hearts and souls.

Archangel Nathaniel, whose name translates to "Gift of God," is known as the archangel of divine life purpose and transformation. With a fiery energy that symbolizes purification and renewal, Nathaniel is a powerful ally in manifesting our true life purpose and embracing significant changes with courage and confidence.

Now that we know who these magnificent Angels are, let's harness the healing power of Archangels Chamuel and Nathaniel

Connecting with Archangels Chamuel and Nathaniel may offer a balanced blend of loving support and dynamic transformation. Here's how their collective energies can benefit you in the upcoming months:

Archangel Chamuel 1. Healing Relationships: Chamuel helps mend broken relationships by fostering understanding, compassion, and forgiveness.

2. Easing Anxiety and Stress: Chamuel's calming presence can alleviate anxiety and promote a sense of peace and tranquility.

3. Self-Love and Acceptance: Chamuel encourages self-love, helping you see yourself through the eyes of divine love.

Archangel Nathaniel

1. Releasing the Old: Nathaniel helps release old habits, beliefs, and emotional blockages, making way for new opportunities.

2. Embracing Change: Nathaniel instills courage and confidence, making the process of change smoother and more manageable.

3. Boosting Motivation: Nathaniel's dynamic energy reignites your passion and drive, propelling you toward your goals.

There are many ways to connect with Angels, Here are some of my practical steps to help you connect with Archangels Chamuel and Nathaniel and invite their combined healing energies into your life over the coming months:


- Find a quiet place to meditate. Visualize a soft pink light surrounding you, representing Chamuel's love, and a fiery orange light symbolizing Nathaniel's transformative energy.

- Call upon both archangels, asking for their guidance and support. You may feel a warm presence or see flashes of pink and orange light.


Use affirmations to resonate with their energies, such as:

- "I am surrounded by love and peace." - "I release what no longer serves me."

  - "I embrace transformation with ease."

  - "I am aligned with my highest purpose."

Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra Focus

- Spend time focusing on your heart chakra to connect with Chamuel's love and compassion.

- Focus on your solar plexus chakra to harness Nathaniel's motivation and confidence.

To truly make the most of this transformative period, be consistent with connecting to these magnificent angels, trust in your process, and validate yourself when you see positive changes occurring.

If you need more personalized guidance, consider scheduling one-on-one sessions with me, Debbie Labinski, for deeper insights and support tailored to your unique path.

Together, let's embrace the divine guidance of Archangels Chamuel and Nathaniel and step into a future filled with healing, love, and profound transformation. 🌟

Feel free to reach out to me for support, and let's embark on this beautiful journey together.

With love and light,

Debbie Labinski

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