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“Word of the Year.”

It’s a fun tradition at the start of a new year or a the end of a year to choose your “Word of the Year.” I would like to offer you both a “Spiritual and Style Word of the Year!”

🎀 The benefits of choosing a Style Word:

Choosing a Style word can help you hone in on your personal style and really set the intention for an effortless style year.

🧘🏼‍♀️ My word for 2021 Is “Intuitive” This will remind me to create a style to be effortless and something that doesn’t take overthinking and overspending. My intuition will guide my shopping experiences and purchases, as well as support me with how to assemble outfits. As I let my intuition lead me, I trust that I am creating a personal style that presents a clear and simple representation of who I am on the inside.”

🕯The benefits of choosing a Spiritual Word of the Year:

Spiritual words may Create your intention for the New Year. Where you place your focus is where energy goes. I have been intuiting words since 2018 and I am excited to now offer this gift to you.

Some of my past spirit words have been Wonder, Inspired, Transformation, just to name a few.

😇 I will then invoke the angels, your guides, and your Higher Self, I ask them what words will help you and then I pull cards. I take note of the energy of the day and any intuitive messages that come through the energy of the day and notate them for you.

⚒ I’ve had experiences where I tried out a certain style or spirit word that didn’t quite gel with me.

However, I still love to do these as they help me get clear on what does work and it helps me learn more about trust and discernment.

Sound fun? 😀

💌Email me at

And please send your payments of $33 to

📤 I will email you back a short reading with a detailed explanation for your 2 words and how these words will support you throughout the next 12 months.

I am totally excited to hear from you 🥰

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