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Angel Card Parties

Study Group
Group Lecture

Angel Parties provide a heavenly, fun way to get a group of 

people together! Creating a connection for all who are present.

My messages are given with love and kindness and will provide answers to questions and issues with the

help of the angelic realm I will use angel and oracle cards for you and your guests during our time together.


How does it work?

  • Each person receives a 15 min. reading for $30

  • Angel Parties are held in your home with a minimum of 10 guests

  • The hostess will collect the reading fees from the guests and present the cash payments to me when the final reading is complete. 

  • Please talk to me about the maximum number of guests to allow ample time for all readings.

  • I ask that the hostess provide munchies for the guests and a common sitting area with a table for the readings. 

  • Clients may tape their own readings if desired

  • I will arrive ½ hour prior to the start of the party.

Disclaimer- all holistic services are to enhance one's wellbeing and are not a substitute for your Medical Doctor's advice.  I do not diagnose or prescribe.  All services provided for your highest good and are meant to support and to bring great JOY. In NO way does Debbie Labinski provide legal, medical, or therapeutic advice.  It is your responsibility to secure that advice.  When you work with me you assume the risks of such activities, offerings, services, classes, and/or goods in which you participate and recognize that this is for enhancement of one's spiritual life and upliftment.  There are no guarantees and all information is brought to you with love.  If it resonates with you then it is your message etc and if not, then you let it go.  Advice from the angels is always for the day you receive your message and are very individual and varied.

​Thank you for your trust and understanding.

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