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Healing My Inner Little Girl

Do you have a scared little girl that comes out in your close relationships when you get triggered? I know I do, her name is little Debbie. When I get to needy, I know it is my wounded little girl inside me screaming to be heard and healed. I want to share an exercise I learned from a fabulous teacher on how to help heal your triggered inner little girl. It is not exactly to a tee of what she taught. However, I will do my best to recreate a similar exercise for this blog. I start with getting my breathe centered, 3 deep breathes usually is enough, I visualize myself standing in the light at my childhood home and I ask my 5 year old self to come out in the light so I can talk to her. I let her know that I am her as an adult and that she is safe. She doesn't need to be scared to come out and talk. That her needs are being met. She can let go of the responsibility of making me happy. I am now responsible for meeting my own needs when triggered. I tell her she can be a happy 5 year old an to have fun and go play. I will do the adult work now. I pick her up and hug her into my heart and thank her for all she has done for me. I will be doing this exercise every time I feel myself being triggered, for I know my present triggers are only feelings I have not dealt with from my past. It is time to heal and let go of the anger, sadness and resentment my body and brain carry around for me. I am so grateful for so many amazing teachers that I have attracted into my life and now I know I meant to be teaching and using my God given healing abilities to share the light of healing with others in this world. Are you ready to heal that inner child? It is OK to heal! Let your inner little girl be free from all the adulting responsibilities.. Let her play, dance, sing, do crafts, do science projects anything she desires. I am so excited for the future, for I know my little girl is safe and happy! I also know my adult needs will only be met when I show up for her. when I DO the work, it so, so worth the Joy when I wake up and I hear a voice in my head first thing " Do what makes you happy"! That is when I know I am healing. I wake up to positive thoughts and I feel the Joy of the day opening up to me. My wish for all of you is this blog touches a cord in your heart! I want you to know that your life is so precious and the little needy girl inside of you is worth healing. I love you all and I pray for your peace and happiness everyday of your life!!!

Now it is time to play and feel your Joy! I also want to share about an Archangel I call on with God to be present during my healing. It is Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Joy, Beauty and Creativity. You can call on her yellow vibration to fill you up with Joy from the inside out! It is such a wonderful moment when you have the presence of Heaven there with you especially in your time of healing.

May GOD and the Angels bless you and your families!



The Joyful Angel Intuitive

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