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One Amazing Angel You Need To Know About While You Are Working on Healing Your Past!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Let’s begin with that the archangels are omnipresent beings whose main purpose is to be of assistance to us and to be messengers from God, The Holy Spirit, The Universe or the Divine. I think of the archangels as powerful spiritual beings who will show up when we ask them and rescue people in times of great need. They are omnipresent which means these amazing archangels are able to be in an infinite number of places all at once. So what that means is the archangels can be helping you recover from your past at the same time that they are supporting your Aunt Edna for example. So you should never feel reluctant to ask the archangels for assistance! Did you know they are there for you 24/7 for anything that you need that is for your highest good and can help you create a better life.

The archangels are known for their spiritual guidance and supportive energy. I have chosen one amazing, powerful archangel whose gifts are created to help you recover from past issues that may become or have become addictions. This archangel is here to help you to heal from the past, find hope in the present and move forward with confidence into your future.

May I introduce you to the one, the only, the amazing, Archangel Michael! Woo hoo!

Archangel Michael is the blessed angel of protection and he is useful in clearing energetic ties that bind us to our past or past lives. When we have a challenging past that creates blocks in our subconscious mind it will support you to clear that energy. Did you know we are creating invisible cords of energy that look a lot like cords of light.

These cords can make it difficult for us to recover from our pasts. You may find yourself holding on to past things spoken to you, moments you cannot unsee that then create childhood wounding that then triggers you throughout your life.

This offers an opportunity to ask Archangel Michael to use his sword of light to cut those cords, so that you may stand in your own authenticity and become your own individual self again and this can make healing even easier for you!

Did you know Archangel Michael can also surround you in a beautiful, royal blue bubble of protective energy so that those energetic connections stay severed. Keep in mind that these invisible cords of true love can never be cut as those are infinite. So when you ask Michael to cut energetic cords, it’s only the unhealthy toxic cords that get removed. 😃

Now are you ready to ask this amazing angel to carry your prayers to Heaven. You have now done the work and cleared out any patterns in your life that you no longer want to repeat, and now that you’re feeling much happier about yourself and your life. It is time to ask the God/Holy Spirit/ Divine for what you want in your future!

Ask Archangel Michael to carry your very special requests for happiness, healing and hope right to Heaven! Believe that you will receive many wonderful blessings in your life and lift your spirit, and so it is🥰

With love and faith,


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