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Do you know why I chose June to be Joyful Jophiel month?

In May, I had this fun idea to create Joy consistently and have June be Joyful Jophiel month for 2020. Why June? Well, with all that is going on in the world I needed to be reminded what Joy felt like. I wanted to share that with you. I had been up and down with my emotions and decided I wanted to have Joy be part of my day for the next 30 days and beyond. So it only seemed right to invite Archangel Jophiel to connect with my energy for the the next 30 days. Wanna join me? Wonderful, I will share one way I like to connect to the Archangel Jophiel is by wearing some form of yellow or hot pink on my body, I find that doing this ritual increases my vibe and supports my connection to Archangel Jophiel. I believe when you do this you will have a similiar experience. Why yellow and hot pink you ask? After doing my research and by getting present with this Angel, I started to connect with her energy easier while wearing her vibrational color which came through as yellow and pink. I could feel her presence each time I asked her for help and clarity and those are the colors that felt like emotion I was feeling.

Today is June 1st, The first day of our 30 adventure with Archangel Jophiel, I realized that wearing Yellow sparked Joy in me and also when people saw me in it, it made them smile, yay! It was working! I know it will do the same for you! I also realized in the past when I wore hot pink, I felt my own personal beauty show up that then reflected what I was choosing to see in the world, I am excited to have these experiences again and my hope is you will to. Today, I decided to wear a fun yellow polka dotted top as the first of many yellow outfits that I will wear to connect with Archangel Jophiel this month! I have been really listening to my angel guidance to support my well being especially when I am not able to get out and be my normal social butterfly 🦋 self. I invite you to connect with your angel guidance this month. What does the month of June represent for you? Does the color yellow spark ⚡️ Joy in you? If not, what color sparks Joy in you? That color could be your specific angel talking to you and asking your spirit to connect with their energy. Are you open to their support? Always remember to ask, believe and be to open to receive the guidance they have to offer you. I am so excited to see how you choose to connect with your angels. Whatever way you do it, do with a high vibe and faith that you will always get what you need in the moment for your highest good. From my heart to yours, With Love and Faith, Debbie 😇 share in the comments how these colors are supportive to you, and how connecting with Archangel Jophiel supported your emotions.

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